Data Science e-book: first draft available for download

While the book is not yet finished, we wanted to share with you the 86 pages that we have written so far. The reasons are as follows:

  • We want your feedback about the style and content.
  • We want to attract sponsors and affiliates to submit contributions.

Affiliates submit an 2-3 pages article, in exchange for making the book available for download on their website. Contributing to the book will drive traffic to your blog or website, as clickable links are available throughout the book, and can be added in your article as well.We are looking for authors to submit contributions to Part I or Part II.

So far, most articles are from Vincent Granville or Analyticbridge staff for the following reasons:

  • We own copyright for our own articles
  • We don’t have to spend much time to select and review our own articles
  • We know that the links associated with our contributions are permanent, making our book more robust

However, we would love to include contributions from external authors in Part I and II, and contributions from sponsors (e.g. vendors) and affiliates in Part I, II and III. So feel free to send articles for possible inclusion. You can check and download the “book in progress” by clicking on the link below:


Download the draft version by clicking on ABbook5.pdf


About the book:

Our Data Science e-Book provides recipes, intriguing discussions and resources for data scientists and executives or decision makers. You don’t need an advanced degree to understand the concepts. Most of the material is written in simple English, however it offers simple, better and patentable solutions to many modern business problems, especially about how to leverage big data.

Emphasis is on providing high-level information that executives can easily understand, while being detailed enough so that data scientists can easily implement our proposed solutions. Unlike most other data science books, we do not favor any specific analytic method nor any particular programming language: we stay one level above practical implementations. But we do provide recommendations about which methods to use when necessary.

Most of the material is original, and  can be used to develop better systems, derive patents or write scientific articles. We also provide several rules of the thumbs and details about craftsmanship used to avoid traditional pitfalls when working with data sets. The book also contains interviews with analytic leaders, and material about what should be included in a business analytics curriculum, or about how to efficiently optimize a search to fill an analytic position.

Among the more technical contributions, you will find notes on

  • How to determine the number of clusters
  • How to implement a system to detect plagiarism
  • How to build an ad relevancy algorithm
  • What is a data dictionary, and how to use it
  • Tutorial on how to design successful stock trading strategies
  • New fast and efficient random number generator
  • How to detect patterns vs. randomness

The book has three parts:

  • Part I: Data science recipes
  • Part II: Data science discussions
  • Part III: Data science resources

Part I and II mostly consist of the best Analyticbridge posts by Dr. Vincent Granville, founder of Analyticbridge. Part III consists of sponsored vendor contributions as well as contributions by organizations (affiliates offering software, conferences, training, books, etc.) who make our free e-book available for download on their web site. To become a sponsor or affiliate, please contact us at

Download the draft version by clicking on ABbook5.pdf

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